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WHAT IS AN ADDICTION? An addiction is a compulsion to do or have something, where the person feels as if they are not in control of their ability to say no, or stop doing something once they have started. Feelings of stress and/or anxiety can occur when the person cannot access or act out their compulsion. Compulsive behaviors or behavioral addictions can often be to things that are considered “normal” such as eating, exercise and shopping; however, there is a difference between someone who is occasionally over-indulging, and someone who cannot stop themselves. Addictions not only apply to alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes – it can present itself in other forms such as coffee, stealing, gambling, shopping, computer games, internet, cybersex,mobile  as well as normally healthy things, such as food/eating, sex, exercise, and work. It is known that withdrawal symptoms are created by an oversupply of the neurotransmitter (brain chemical) norepinephrine in the limbic system (the part of the brain …