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Floatation, simply put is floating in salt water in a specially designed Float Tank. Floatation is a luxurious process of enabling your one and only body to relax by soothing and healing it free from stress and give it the treatment it truly deserves. Imagine yourself free from the hold of gravity or floating in outer space. Unless you’re an astronaut you won’t know the feeling. And this is where floatation comes in. It’s a unique, fun and carefree method to maximize your brain’s potential whilst also healing your body from this world’s constant external stimulation. Allow yourself to float away and ESCAPE from all those worries through floatation therapy!
FLOAT TANK Floatation therapy is primarily utilized in a float tank or a pod which is about 8 ft long and contains 11 inches of water and is maintained at the human body temperature of 93 degrees F or 36 degrees C, the consistency of which is 65% water and 35% Epsom salt. A float session typically lasts for about 60…


Who Should Use The Floatation Therapy? You know what floatation therapy is, but not sure about who can use it in daily lives? Here is a simple guide for you. Floatation therapy has been available for a long time, but recently, various researches have proven its benefits. Also, we are aware of who can use floatation therapy to achieve a deep state of relaxation. The simple answer to the question of who should use floatation therapy is- those who want to achieve a healthy state of mind and body.
Following are some of the examples of people who can benefit from the floatation therapy:

Stressed Individuals Modern life is fast paced, and competitive which can add a lot of stress to the individuals. Stress related ailments like high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke are considered as fatal. Also, when we are stressed, we cannot live our life to the fullest. Our mind is constantly worrying and is under constant pressure. Floatation therapy helps to remove stress from your mind and body and h…